NEB Catalog & Technical Reference 2019/20 – Information comes to life with the NEB AR App

The 2019-20 NEB Catalog & Technical Reference is now available:

Browse through to find the latest information on NEB products, including recommendations for which product will work best for your application. Take a look at our popular technical reference section, which includes extensive information on maximizing product performance, technical tips, troubleshooting guides and much more.

All of this information comes to life with the NEB AR App – just download and scan the icons to find videos, tutorials and immersive experiences! Then, when you need a break from planning your research, we have included fourteen inspiring stories that discuss conservation of biodiversity.

Download the free NEB AR App for Android or iPhone.

As all our catalogs and brochures the new NEB catalog is printed carbon neutral on FSC certified paper. The unavoidable CO2 generated by printing this catalog have been reduced to net zero by supporting the Climate Partner program Safe Habitat for Chimpanzees.

Climate Partner program

We ship our catalogs and Brochures in Green-PE, which is produced from 100% sustainable resources and is 100% recyclable and carbon neutral!

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An updated version of the “Performance Chart for NEB Restriction Enzymes” poster is included.

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You can also download a PDF version of the catalog:

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