NEB Satellite meeting at ESHG Conference 2019

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Advancements in NGS Sample Preparation 
– Enzymatic Methyl-seq, Targeted Sequencing and SNP Genotyping

New England Biolabs is a global leader in developing solutions for Next Generation Sequencing Sample Preparation and continues to push the forefront in providing high quality, robust products to support the clinical application of genomic data. During this workshop we will elucidate this through practical examples demonstrating how these products are being applied to overcome challenges associated with clinical genomics.

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Sunday, June 16th | 15:00 – 16:30 hrs | Room A-4
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Learn what’s new and coming soon from NEBNext
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Topics from NEBNext:

Learn what’s new and coming soon from NEBNext:

An enzymatic alternative to bisulfite sequencing with superior performance
The NEBNext Enzymatic Methyl-seq Kit (EM-seq ™) provides an enzymatic alternative to whole genome bisulfite sequencing (WGBS), combined with high-efficiency, streamlined library preparation.

RNA Depletion
COMING SOON: New options for depletion of abundant RNAs, including globin and bacterial samples, and a custom solution.

NEBNext Direct Custom Ready Panels
Customize your focused enrichment panel and receive a sequence verified panel in two weeks. Choose from our list of 850 genes.

NEBNext Ultra ™ II FS DNA Library Prep
Novel enzymatic fragmentation integrated seamlessly into the library prep workflow.

NEBNext Single Cell/Low Input RNA Library Prep
Uniform full-length transcript coverage; unmatched detection of low abundance transcripts.

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Your Speakers at the Satellite Symposium:

DR. VLADIMIR BENES, Head Genomics Core Facility at EMBL Heidelberg
A precise, DNA friendly analysis of cytosine methylation status with EM-seq

We have had a genuine opportunity to test the new kit developed by NEB that enables detection of 5-mC and 5-hmC in genomes in a very sensitive manner…

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This bisulfite-free method combines in the elegant and innovative way action of two enzymes, TET and APOBEC. The biochemical conversion executed by these two enzymes is extremely sparing to DNA. This important feature has helped us analyse samples with suboptimal DNA quality but still achieving high complexity of prepared sequencing libraries.

In addition, whenever DNA quality has permitted that, we have been also ableto prepare libraries with longer inserts, thus maximize sequence yield per a sequencing run. The new kit contains all parts necessary for carrying its protocol out.

The protocol itself is straight forward and very user friendly. An important component of the kit is also DNA template controls essential for monitoring of the performance of the method. This new approach opens numerous possibilities to analyse cytosine methylation status in many samples, which would be otherwise almost inaccessible, if the traditional bisulfite conversion of non-methylated cytosine would be applied.

KRUTI PATEL, Research Scientist at Directed Genomics
NEBNext Direct: Maximizing efficiency and throughput for diverse target enrichment applications

Target enrichment coupled with next generation sequencing (NGS) provides an efficient method to sequence genomic regions of interest at application-suitable read depths…

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Depending on the downstream application, however, it may be preferable for a protocol to prioritize between sequencing coverage and high sample throughput. The NEBNext Direct Custom Ready Panels allow rapid customization of either small panels for deep sequencing, or large panels for hereditary screening and can be designed from a wide portfolio of modular bait pools targeting clinically relevant human genes. Conversely, the NEBNext Direct Genotyping Solution (GS) enables high-throughput sequencing of SNPs at low coverage.

The GS workflow maximizes the number of samples that can be screened within a single hybridization, up to 96, while still providing sequencing depth coverage suitable for SNP identification, making it a cost-effective and robust assay for genotyping. Each NEBNext Direct workflow is a single day protocol that provides a solution for specific target enrichment needs from deep sequencing of exonic content to high throughout SNP genotyping.

ANDREW BARRY, Sr. Manager Business Development at New England Biolabs
An overview of the latest advancements from NEB to enable human genetics

The application of advancements made in our understanding of human genetics require robust solutions for deriving genomic insight from human cells…

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The array of available applications for which human genomic data is applied continues to grow, necessitating novel sample preparation solutions in order to fully elucidate the genetic underpinnings of human disease.

Presented here are novel, high-performance, streamlined NEBNext products for next generation sequencing sample preparation that are compatible with picogram to microgram input amounts across a broad range of DNA and RNA quality to produce high-quality sequencing data.

During the presentation, we will review the latest products available from New England Biolabs, including target enrichment, and a novel enzymatic approach to methylation profiling.

Your Host is
Dr. Bjoern Textor, Senior Application Specialist, NEB Germany

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