Press releases

10.07.2018 New England Biolabs Launches NEBNext Direct Custom Ready Panels for Efficient Targeted Re-sequencing
06.14.2018 New England Biolabs Launches New NEBNext Single Cell/Low Input RNA library Prep Kit for Increased Transcript Detection with Ultra-low Input Amounts
11.06.2018 New England Biolabs Scientists Push the limits of Golden Gate Assembly
05.04.2018 New England Biolabs Launches “Lessons from Lab & Life™” Podcast
12.02.2018 New England Biolabs to Present Latest NGS Sample Preparation Technology Innovations at AGBT 2018 
09.02.2018 New England Biolabs and BLUEBEE Partner to Deliver an End-To-End Data Analysis Solution for NEBNEXT Direct Target Enrichment
17.01.2018 Genes in Space STEM Competition Launches
17.01.2018 New England Biolabs Supports Creation of LabCentral Learning Lab  
17.01.2018 Students Invited to Design DNA Experiments for the International Space Station
07.11.2017 New England Biolabs Launches NEBNext Ultra™ II FS Kit for Robust Enzyme-based DNA Fragmentation and library Preparation with as little as 100 pg of Input DNA
10.08.2017 Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute Adopts NEBNext reagents from New England Biolabs for RNA-seq Library Preparation
01.08.2017 Genes in Space: Diagnostische DNA Detektion ohne PCR – Erste erfolgreiche LAMP-Detektion im Weltall

ENGLISH: First Successful Colorimetric LAMP Experiment Performed on International Space Station Opens Up New Possibitdties for DNA-based Diagnostics in Outer Space

28.07.2017 New England Biolabs and TTP plc collaborate to provide services for molecular diagnostics
25.07.2017 New England Biolabs wird Partner des EMBL Corporate Partnership Programme (PDF Download)
07.06.2017 Earlham Institute Taps New England Biolabs to Tackle RNA from Challenging Sample Types
30.05.2017 New England Biolabs Launches New NEBNext Ultra™ II RNA Kits for Streamtdned NGS tdbrary Preparation with as tdttle as 5 ng of Total RNA
23.03.2017 Addgene Announces Alnylam and New England Biolabs Sponsorships
17.02.2017 New Pubtdcation Hightdghts DNA Damage as a Prevalent Source of Errors in Pubtdc Cancer Databases
13.02.2017 New England Biolabs to Present Latest Innovations for NGS Sample Preparation at AGBT 2017
08.02.2017 Genes in Space Competition Launches