The NEB Spring Challenge: test, evaluate, win!

Test, evaluate and win!

A self-performed product test speaks louder than any product description. You surely know this from your own lab experience. NEB’s reagents are recognized all over the world as first-class performance and availability at fair prices, so why not giving the “NEB challengers” a try!

We encourage you to put our products to the test this spring:
evaluate the selected “NEB challenger products” below on your own sample types – gladly in comparison to a reagent you may have been using so far – and experience NEB’s excellent performance and reliability on your bench!


Here come the NEB Challenger products:


Real-Time PCR

Luna Universal (RT)-qPCR Mixes incl. the unrivaled LunaScript RT SuperMix – Excellent performance and reliability based on unique enzyme technology


Proof-reading PCR

Q5 High Fidelity DNA Polymerases and Kits – NEB’s best and most accurate PCR polymerase



OneTaq DNA Polymerases and Kits – exceptional reliability and performance on any material



NEB Protein Markers – sharp bands, sharp price

How the NEB Spring Challenge works:

1. Order a product sample free of charge of one of the above highlighted NEB Challenger products.

2. Test it extensively according to our recommended protocol on your own material. Our technical support team will be happy to help if needed.

3. Share your experience with us.

4. Receive a fancy NEB mug or a handy NEBCool Lab Bench Cooler* for free. Moreover, you are eligible to win one of five great NEB Lego Sets which will be raffled after the end of the campaign.

*Shipment of products depending on availability


Whether tested or not – we invite you:
Profit from the current
NEB Challenger special prices with 20% discount!*

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The NEB Spring Challenge ends on 30.06.2023. The NEB Lab Mug or NEBCool Lab Bench Cooler will be shipped according to availability and upon receipt of your fully completed evaluation form.
The winners will be informed by NEB after the end of the campaign period and an overview of the winners can be published by NEB.

A conversion of the prize as well as legal actions are excluded. All scientists or NEB interested individuals from Germany and Austria can participate, as long as the regulations of their university or employer do not prohibit participation in this type of competition. Each natural person can participate once in the competition, if applicable the first result of the first participation has priority.