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As a precautionary measure: New NEBuffer for free!

When using enzymes from New England Biolabs for your molecular biology experiments, you can always rely on outstanding quality and superb performance! Therefore, we would like to inform you:

We have identified a contaminant in some specific lots of our BSA-containing NEBuffers. Although most enzyme activities appear to be unaffected by the contaminant, we have identified some enzymes that show a decrease in performance when used with the affected NEBuffer lots.
Out of an abundance of caution, we are ceasing the sale of any product that contains the affected buffer lots.

The following batches of BSA-containing buffers are affected:

  • NEBuffer 1.1 (#B7201S), Expiry Date 04/23 – 08/23
  • NEBuffer 2.1 (#B7202S), Expiry Date 04/23 – 08/23
  • NEBuffer 3.1 (#B7203S), Expiry Date 04/23 – 08/23
  • CutSmart Buffer (#B7204S), Expiry Date 04/23 – 08/23
  • The NEBuffer set (#B7200S), Expiry Date 04/23 – 08/23

These buffers have been shipped as standalone products or as a component of various NEB restriction enzymes and some DNA modifying enzymes between 1st Jun. 2020 and 30th Nov. 2020.

You can easily identify affected buffer batches via their shelf life.
All affected batches have expiration dates in the range of:

April 2023 – August 2023 (i.e. Expiry 04/23 – 08/23).

A detailed list of all affected batches can be found here.


You can easily find the expiry date information in the last row on the product badge.

Don’t put your experiment at risk – use new, fresh buffer!

We recommend to discard all vials of NEBuffer 1.1, 2.1, 3.1 and CutSmart Buffer with Exp 04/23, 05/23, 06/23, 07/23 or 08/23 on the label (Please do not discard the enzymes the buffer was shipped with!).

We are happy to send you a new, fresh pack of NEBuffer free of charge so that you can continue working immediately with 100% performance and confidence*!

Please send me a pack of NEBuffer free of charge to my business address below:

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*Limited Offer: NEB provides you with 1 pack of NEBuffer Pack #B7200 free of charge per working group or department. This buffer is sufficient for approximately 4x 2500 restriction enzyme reactions (according to NEB’s protocols). If you should need additional NEBuffer, please contact us.
This offer is valid until 31st Mar. 2021.