Win an inspiring trip to the NEB Campus in the USA

In celebration of our Golden Jubilee, you become part of a unique and exciting adventure! Search for a raffle ticket with the golden butterfly and enter a world of prizes!

You have the chance to win one of 400 direct wins and take part in the anniversary lottery. We will draw the lucky winners of exclusive golden prizes from this lottery in July 2024. The grand prize includes a trip to the USA, where you’ll visit the inspiring NEB Campus located in Ipswich, MA, just north of Boston.

How to take part:

Between April 1st and June 30th, 2024, you have a multitude of options to find a raffle ticket. All “NEBaktuell” mailings include a raffle ticket. You can also ask your NEB sales team for it, take a close look at your NEB product shipment or requested NEB brochures, with a bit of luck you will find a raffle ticket there. If you visit us at stops of the NEB world tour, you will of course have the best chance of receiving a golden raffle ticket.

So look out for the raffle tickets with the golden butterfly, scan the QR code and find out if you are one of the lucky winners!

We hope you enjoy taking part in the raffle and are keeping our fingers crossed for you!

An unforgettable adventure at NEB headquarters is waiting for you

All participants of the raffle have the chance to win the grand prize: an inspiring trip to the New England Biolabs headquarters in Ipswich, MA north of Boston. The winner will be notified in July 2024 after the draw.

The NEB campus includes a 140,00 square foot research and production facility, renovated historic buildings and a unique wastewater treatment plant, among other things, surrounded by more than 160 acres of nature. Explore the modern and historic buildings on campus, learn more about NEB’s sustainability efforts, and discover the art that can be found throughout the campus. Get a sneak preview of the NEB campus here.

Your chance to win one of the golden prizes

All participants of the raffle enter the big anniversary lottery pot from which the winners of our exclusive golden prizes will be drawn. The lucky winners of the prize draw will be notified in July.

Cuddly Cheetah
Enjoy your cuddly “UltraExpress” cheetah – your new sustainable friend, supporting the World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF).

Lego Set “NEB Lab”
Enjoy building and playing with your new Lego Set “NEB Lab”.

NEB Butterfly Socks
Enjoy warm feet wrapped in a stylish butterfly look.

NEB Insulation Mug
Enjoy warm or cold drinks out of your new fancy NEB cup.

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Look forward for a useful direct win

You will find out whether you have won one of our 400 NEB Lab Gear Packs or NEB Office Gear Packs with your golden butterfly raffle ticket immediately after redeeming the code.

NEB Lab Gear Packs:
Enjoy useful lab goodies such as the NEB Timer and the Monarch Floaty as well as NEB 50th anniversary specials like the golden butterfly magnet, all packaged in the NEB logo bag.

NEB Office Gear Packs:
Enjoy useful office goodies such as the NEB notepad, pencils, post-its as well as NEB 50th anniversary specials like the golden butterfly magnet, all packaged in the NEB logo bag.

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Further information on NEB’s 50th anniversary and the activities can be found here or in our monthly newsletter. You can find the complete terms and conditions of the Golden Butterfly here.