Get to know the NEBees


Since the beginning of 2023, we are excited to have over 300,000 new employees at NEB. Wondering how we achieved this in times of skilled labor shortage? In collaboration with the “Walkmühle” beekeeping, we have been managing three beehives since the beginning of 2023, which we have named NEBees. 🐝

About Walkmühle Beekeeping

The beehives are part of the Frankfurt Bee Education Path, which educates children in school or kindergarten about the importance of different bee species in nature and the significance of honeybees for human nutrition. Besides, our NEBees pollinate plants in the northern part of Frankfurt and produce delicious honey.


Since the company foundation of New England Biolabs, environmental protection has been a core value that influences all company decisions. With the NEBee project, we want to contribute practically to local environmental protection and at the same time teach young people about the importance of intact ecosystems.

Sustainability & Environmental Protection

By the way:
The honey jars are reusable. Therefore, feel free to send your NEBee honey jar back to NEB in the NEBEco return box. Please rinse before returning. We collect the jars and pass them on to our beekeeper.


Or do you have another use in mind for your NEBee honey jar?
Feel free to use it for something else on your own. 😉

Learn more about Sustainability & Environmental Protection

Sustainability & Environmental Protection