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NEB TV is a new video format and summarizes the most recent trends in Life Science Research. In our monthly episodes of 5 min. we give you an overview of current research trends, exchange ideas, tips & tricks and background information as well as interesting Interviews.

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Episode 31
In this video, learn more about argonautes, including how these nucleic acid-guided endonucleases differ from Cas enzymes and potential applications.
Folge 30
Cell-free protein expression enables the synthesis of a wide variety of proteins in just a few hours, and can be used in a variety of applications, including protein engineering, expression of toxic proteins and diagnostic assays.
Episode 29
In this episode, learn about new and interesting techniques in science communication from our 2019 Passion in Science Winners.
Episode 28
In this episode, we discuss the challenges associated with current methods available for methylome analysis, and introduce NEBNext Enzymatic Methyl-seq (EM-seq™) as an alternative to bisulfite sequencing that addresses these challenges.
Episode 27
In this episode, experts share their insights on best practices for sustainable laboratories with scientists
Episode 26
Did you know that NEB offers free reagents and support to teaching labs and educational courses in the US? In this episode, learn more about NEB’s course support program, hear from various organizations who have taken advantage of this benefit, and learn how educators can participate.
Episode 25
In this episode, we discuss the importance of biodiversity and conservation efforts aimed at its protection. Also, learn about Ocean Genome Legacy Center (OGL) and their dedication to exploring and preserving biodiversity in the ocean.
Episode 24
Several of the most important neglected tropical diseases in humans are the result of infection with filarial nematode parasites. In this episode of NEB TV, learn more about these diseases and their impact, and how understanding their biology can help identify methods to detect, control and treat these parasites in the field.
Episode 23
Learn the basics of Colorimetric LAMP, and how groups like NEB and the World Mosquito Program are using this isothermal amplification method in field tests and point-of-care diagnostics.
Episode 22
Go behind the scenes into NEB’s technical support program. Hear from our scientists as they describe memorable tech support moments and interesting collaborations that have resulted from tech support calls.
Episode 21:
RNA modifications, or collectively the epitranscriptome, encompass all chemical changes made to ribonucleic acids during and after synthesis. Their influence extends from the bench to the clinic. In this episode, learn more about the various types of RNA modifications that exist and how they impact the function of RNA.
Episode 20:
In this episode of NEB TV, find tips for greening your lab, hear from the 2017 iGEM Goes Green team, and learn more about Labconscious, a site devoted to sustainability in the lab.
Episode 19:
Take a trip with us to the Harvard Museum of Natural History for a behind the scenes tour of Scott Chimileski and Roberto Kolter’s photographic journey into the microbial world.
Episode 18:
NEB’s Chief Scientific Officer, Sir Richard Roberts, describes the Enzymes for Innovation initiative, and the importance of new enzyme discovery and screening.
Episode 17
Learn about glycobiology and its importance in clinical and diagnostic applications in this episode of NEB TV. Also, hear more about how NEB is setting the bar for product quality in this rapidly growing field.
Episode 16
Learn the basics of qPCR, and hear more about our Luna products, including our novel method for data analysis.
Episode 15
Restriction enzymes cut DNA at specific sequences, and their discovery helped usher in the era of molecular cloning. These days, they are being used in many more applications other than cloning. Learn more in this episode of NEB TV.
Episode 14
Does creativity inspire you to be a better scientist? Learn more about the often unpredictable ways that art and science intersect in the latest episode of NEB TV.
Episode 13
Interested in learning more about how NEB’s enzymes are made? Learn more in this episode of NEB TV.
NEB TV Folge 12
Episode 12
DNA assembly is growing in popularity and used in a number of applications. Find out how NEB customers are using DNA assembly and our NEBuilder HiFi products in this episode of NEB TV.
NEB TV Folge 12
NEB TV Folge 11
Episode 11
Precision medicine requires precision enrichment. Learn more about target enrichment and its role in clinical applications.
NEB TV Folge 11
NEB TV Genes in Space

Episode 10

Learn more about the Genes in Space initiative and hear from the 2015 winner’s project, which utilized DNA polymerases from NEB to study epigenetic changes during spaceflight.

NEB TV Genes in Space
Episode 9
Episode 9
What is Passion in Science? Hear what some NEB employees have to say on the topic, and learn more about our Passion in Science Awards.
Episode 9
Episode 8
Episode 8
Traditional cloning or DNA assembly? Learn more about the benefits of each in the latest episode of NEB TV.
Episode 8
NEB TV Episode 7
Episode 7
Learn more about CRISPR/Cas9 and synthetic biology, where these fields are headed, and how they are being applied in the classroom in the latest episode of NEB TV.
NEB TV Episode 7
Episode 6
Can laboratories become more “green”? In this episode of NEB TV, find tips on how you can help to reduce your environmental footprint in the lab, and hear about some NEB initiatives, including a unique approach for wastewater treatment and the development of our new environmentally friendly DNA purification kits.
NEB TV Episode 5
Episode 5
Looking to start a career in the life sciences? In the latest episode of NEB TV, you will find tips and tricks for job hunting, interviewing and resume building. Whether you are a post-doc getting ready start your job search, a non-scientist who is looking to gain some background in molecular biology, or a scientist looking for alternative career paths, this episode of NEB TV is just for you.
NEB TV Episode 5
NEB TV Episode 4
Episode 4
Whether you are new to library preparation for NGS, using reagents from another supplier, or sending samples to a core facility, it is important to know what it takes to get high-quality libraries. Learn more about library preparation and hear where next generation sequencing is going in the latest episode of NEB TV.
NEB TV Episode 4
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Episode 3
In Episode 3, learn more about amplification, including new techniques to bring amplification into the field. Also, learn more about high-fidelity DNA polymerases, and how we responded to a recent tech support question on the subject.
Video Thumb
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Episode 2
In this episode of NEB TV, learn about some exciting projects that help to promote STEM education.
Video Thumb
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Episode 1
On this episode of NEB TV, we’re talking about synthetic biology. What is synthetic biology, who’s using synthetic biology, and where can synthetic biology take us in the not-too-distant future?
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