Monarch DNA Isolation

Monarch – Designed with sustainability in mind

We know that it can be difficult to be environmentally friendly in the lab, where sterility and convenience are of utmost importance. At times, it may seem that sustainability and benchwork are at odds with each other. Although we can’t completely solve this problem, we can make changes to our product design to help move toward the goal of a greener lab, and that’s exactly what we did with the design of our Monarch Nucleic Acid Purification Kits.

Making nucleic acid purification more green

We asked our customers what could be done to improve upon current nucleic acid purification kits to make them more sustainable. Here are some of your suggestions, and how Monarch Kits address them:

Reduce material usage

“Smaller kit size (shelf space is premium)”

“Decrease packaging”

“Reduce plastic waste”

  • Monarch Kits use up to 44% less plastic as compared to the leading supplier
  • Columns have thinner walls, reducing total plastic usage without affecting performance
  • Bottles were carefully chosen to minimize plastic usage

Provide ability to recycle

“More recyclable”

“Ability to recycle
the plastic columns”

  • All components were purposefully sourced to ensure their recyclability
  • Product packaging provides detailed explanation on how to recycle each component
  • Boxes were designed to be sturdy for reuse

Conserve resources

“No need for lengthy brochure…just tell me what I need to know or direct me online”

  • Kit boxes, inserts, and protocol cards are made from recycled paper
  • All printing on the boxes and protocol cards was done with soy and water based inks
  • Concise protocol cards replace printed manuals, and both are available for download as PDFs

Let’s work together to clean up the world of nucleic acid purification, one prep at a time.

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