Monarch DNA Isolation

Monarch – Designed with sustainability in mind

At NEB, we continuously strive to promote ecologically sound practices and environmental sustainability in order to protect our natural resources, both locally and globally.

An undeniable burden that results from life science research is the extensive use of plastics and packaging. At NEB, we believe that ground-breaking research should not negatively impact the environment – as such, we took your feedback into consideration when we developed a more sustainable solution for nucleic acid purification with the launch of our Monarch DNA & RNA purification portfolio. This includes a focus on reduction as well as recycling; with our Monarch DNA & RNA extraction kits we have purposefully reduced plastics and packaging without sacrificing performance & quality.

Sustainable & recyclable Monarch product packaging

Monarch kits have paved the way and showed what a different path in nucleic acid purification could be – a path with more sustainable, eco-friendly products and practices. Learn more about how Monarch kits are designed for sustainability using the icons below.

Let’s work together to clean up the world of nucleic acid purification, one prep at a time.

NEB supports the Labconscious Initiative – An organization for the development of sustainable practices in the laboratory (more…).

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