Monarch DNA Isolation

Monarch Nucleic Acid Purification Kits

The purification or preparation of DNA and RNA is an important step in almost all modern molecular biological methods and applications, including enzymatic nucleic acid digestion or manipulation, transformation, RT-(q)PCR and Next-Gen-Seq Library Prep.

NEB Monarch Nucleic Acid Purification Kits enable you to purify high-quality DNA or RNA quickly and easily for use in a wide variety of applications and methods, including those listed above. In just a few minutes you will receive pure, clean and undamaged DNA or RNA. This is made possible by the fast and user-friendly protocols as well as the optimized buffers and column designs.

Fast and powerful nucleic acid purification with minimal environmental impact.

By using particularly thin-walled columns and bottles in all Monarch kits, we reduce the use of plastic and thus the amount of waste in the laboratory. In addition, all components of the packaging are made of recycled material.

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Kits for genomic DNA isolation, plasmid miniprep, DNA gel extraction and PCR/ DNA purification

The Monarch Genomic DNA Purification Kit is a versatile kit for DNA isolation and purification from a variety of cell types.

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Monarch gDNA Purification Kit Box
Monarch HMW DNA Kit

Monarch HMW DNA Extraction Kits:
Quickly and easily isolate HMW DNA from cells, blood, tissues, bacteria, and other sample types and experience excellent performance in long read sequencing.

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Monarch Plasmid Miniprep Kit – for quick and simple plasmid miniprep from E. coli

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Monarch Miniprep Kit
Monarch Gel Extraction Kit

Quickly and easily purify DNA from agarose gels with high yields with the Monarch DNA Gel Extraction Kit

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Monarch PCR & DNA Cleanup Kit: Quickly and easily purify high quality DNA from PCR and other enzymatic reactions.

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Monarch PCR DNA Cleanup Kit
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Kits for RNA Isolation and RNA Cleanup

The Monarch Total RNA Miniprep Kit is the perfect choice for total RNA Extraction and Purification

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Monarch Total RNA Miniprep Kit
Monarch RNA Cleanup Kit

Monarch RNA Cleanup Kits for fast and simple silica spin column-based RNA cleanup and concentration. Available in 3 different binding capacities

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Availability is limited to new customers and 1 kit per working group. Standard DNA samples contain 10 preps, RNA samples and HMW DNA samples contain 5 preps.

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