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Protein expression and purification can be very challenging because there is no single approach that is appropriate for every protein or downstream application.

Successful expression can be affected by each individual protein’s solubility, toxicity, need for post-translational modifications or its intrinsic ability to fold. Additionally, the application for which the protein is ultimately to be used may dictate how the protein needs to be expressed or purified. It is therefore important to have a flexible set of tools and methods that can be applied to each unique project.

Each NEB expression technology offers different advantages enabling you to choose the strategy that best suits your protein expression and purification needs. Many of the expression vectors share a compatible polylinker, enabling the gene of interest to be easily shuffled between systems.

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  • PURExpress® – a cell-free transcription/translation system reconstituted from purified components

Besides optimized competent E. coli for protein expression you’ll also find Kluyveromyces lactis (K. lactis, yeast).

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