IMPACT – Proteinexpression and Purification

IMPACT (Intein Mediated Purification with an Affinity Chitin-binding Tag) is a novel protein purification system which utilizes the inducible self-cleavage activity of a protein splicing element (termed intein) to separate the target protein from the affinity tag. It distinguishes itself from all other purification systems by its ability to purify, in a single chromatographic step, a native recombinant protein without the use of a protease. A target protein is fused to a tag consisting of the intein and the chitin binding domain which allows affinity purification of the fusion protein on a chitin column.

In the presence of thiols such as DTT or 2-mercaptoethanesulfonic acid (MESNA), the intein undergoes specific self-cleavage which releases the target protein from the chitin-bound intein tag resulting in a single-column purification of the target protein.

The IMPACT Kit contains expression vectors which allow fusion of the cleavable intein tag to either the C-terminus or N-terminus of the target protein. This flexibility in fusion protein construction maximizes the probability of successful expression and purification of a target protein.

Available IMPACT products:

IMPACT Kit E6901S 1 Kit 448 € NEB Shop_icon NEB Info_icon
Chitin Resin S6651S 20 ml 106 € NEB Shop_icon NEB Info_icon
Chitin Resin S6651L 100 ml 424 € NEB Shop_icon NEB Info_icon
Chitin Magnetic Beads E8036S 5 ml 141 € NEB Shop_icon NEB Info_icon
pTWIN1 Vector DNA N6951S 10 µg 130 € NEB Shop_icon NEB Info_icon
pTXB1 Vector DNA N6707S 10 µg 136 € NEB Shop_icon NEB Info_icon
pTYB21 Vector N6709S 10 µg 136 € NEB Shop_icon NEB Info_icon
Anti-CBD Monoclonal Antibody E8034S 0,05 ml 80 € NEB Shop_icon NEB Info_icon

As of 03.01.2023

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