RNase Inhibitor

Protect your valuable RNA samples from digestion:

NEB’s best RNase Inhibitor provides protection at a reasonable price!

Do not risk you valuable RNA! Use NEB’s best RNase Inhibitor in every experiment and set your RNA-dependent experiments on a save and reliable basis.

The recombinant, murine RNase Inhibitor from NEB is the best protection against omnipresent RNases (RNases A, B, C). Thanks to a point mutation compared to conventional (humane/porcine) RNase Inhibitors NEBs variant is longer active in experiments – even with lower DTT concentrations!

Due to its reasonable price the inhibitor is especially suitable for high throughput experiments.

  • Improved resistance to oxidation, compared to human/porcine RNase inhibitor
  • Ideal for reactions where low DTT concentrations are required (e.g., Real-time PCR)
  • No inhibition of polymerase activity (e.g. when used in PCR, in vitro Transcription etc.)
  • Isolated from a recombinant source
  • Tested for the absence of DNases and RNases

Price comparison (Costs/100 units) based on published list prices as of 01/2023.


Schematic visualisation of RNA degradation: (A) RNA Ladder, (B) sample with RNase Inhibitor, (C) sample without RNase Inhibitor, sample has been degraded.

Product table

Murine RNase Inhibitor – UNSER PRODUKTTIPP M0314S 3.000 units In den Shop wechseln Produktinformationen
M0314L 15.000 units In den Shop wechseln Produktinformationen
RNase Inhibitor, recombinant (human placenta) M0307S 2.000 units In den Shop wechseln Produktinformationen
M0307L 10.000 units In den Shop wechseln Produktinformationen

As of: 01.01.2024

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