RNase Inhibitor

Protect your valuable RNA samples from digestion:

NEB’s best RNase Inhibitor provides protection at a reasonable price!

Do not risk you valuable RNA! Use NEB’s best RNase Inhibitor in every experiment and set your RNA-dependent experiments on a save and reliable basis.

The recombinant, murine RNase Inhibitor from NEB is the best protection against omnipresent RNases (RNases A, B, C). Thanks to a point mutation compared to conventional (humane/porcine) RNase Inhibitors NEBs variant is longer active in experiments – even with lower DTT concentrations!

Due to its reasonable price the inhibitor is especially suitable for high throughput experiments.

  • Improved resistance to oxidation, compared to human/porcine RNase inhibitor
  • Ideal for reactions where low DTT concentrations are required (e.g., Real-time PCR)
  • No inhibition of polymerase activity (e.g. when used in PCR, in vitro Transcription etc.)
  • Isolated from a recombinant source
  • Tested for the absence of DNases and RNases

Price comparison (Costs/100 units) based on published list prices as of 07/2021.


Schematic visualisation of RNA degradation: (A) RNA Ladder, (B) sample with RNase Inhibitor, (C) sample without RNase Inhibitor, sample has been degraded.

Product table

Murine RNase Inhibitor – UNSER PRODUKTTIPP M0314S 3.000 units 74 € In den Shop wechseln Produktinformationen
M0314L 15.000 units 296 € In den Shop wechseln Produktinformationen
RNase Inhibitor, recombinant (human placenta) M0307S 2.000 units 85 € In den Shop wechseln Produktinformationen
M0307L 10.000 units 340 € In den Shop wechseln Produktinformationen

As of: 03.01.2022

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