RNA Biology

Historically the function of RNA in the cell was to assist in the translation of genetic information from DNA into protein. The major species of RNA were; (A) messenger RNA, which converts the genetic information of DNA into RNA, (B) transfer RNA (tRNA) that are charged with specific amino acids and, (C) ribosomal RNA (rRNA), a major component of the ribosome.  RNA has now been implicated in a diverse number of biological processes including catalysis and transcriptional regulation. Recently, technological advances and improvements in RNA analysis and detection have led to the discovery of many new classes of small and large non-coding RNAs with novel regulatory functions.  Examples include, microRNA (miRNA), circular RNA, long  non-coding RNA (lncRNA), small nucleolar RNA (snoRNA) and extracullular RNA (exRNA). In addition, RNA modifications have revealed added complexity to RNA. These biologically relevant modifications are an active area of exploration. These findings have helped usher in a renaissance of RNA-focused research in biology.

Key capabilities for contemporary RNA research include RNA synthesis for in vitro analysis or transfection, RNA modification and processing, reverse transcription of RNA for cloning and expression analysis, and detection of RNA.

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NEBNext Ultra II Directional RNA Workflow

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In vitro Transcription and Capping of Gaussia Luciferase mRNA Followed by HeLa Cell Transfection

This method describes high yield in vitro synthesis of both capped and uncapped mRNA from a linearized plasmid containing the GLuc gene.

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