NEBNext Ultra II DNA & RNA Kits – The Core of your NGS Library Prep

The NEBNext Ultra II reagents and kits for Illumina platforms compose the core of your NGS
library preparation: a perfect combination of reagents, optimized formulations and simplified
workflows. With incredibly short “hands-on” time you create libraries of highest quality and yields
even when starting from extremely low input quantities.

Easily scalable and already automated on various robotic platforms, the Ultra II DNA workflow is the centerpiece of the modular NEBNext system: You will find this central workflow in many other NEBNext EM-seq Kits, such as the Fragmentation System, RNA-seq, Single Cell/Low Input RNA-seq or the PCR-free NEBNext Ultra II solutions. The NEBNext Ultra II workflow is available in a convenient kit format or as separate NEBNext modules, adding additional flexibility to your experimental design.

Choosing NEBNExt Ultra II allows you to keep your workflow fully flexible and future-proof: Once a kit or workflow is established in your lab, you can learn how to use the other NEBNext Ultra II solutions in the blink of an eye. This saves time and money and avoids lengthly setup processes.

Library Prep couldn‘t be better and easier!

  • Learn one central workflow and apply it to a whole suite of different applications
  • Save time with streamlined, modular workflows, reduced hands-on time, and automation compatibility
  • Benefit from low input amount requirements, fewer PCR cycles and extremely uniform GC-coverage in all applications

NEBNext Ultra II Protocol Video

Use our interactive overview of the NEBNext Ultra II workflow to identify the perfect kit for your sequencing project:


Now also available as digital interactive NEBNext Ultra II DNA protocol!


The ULTRA II DNA WORKFLOW is included in the following kits and modules:

Use the NEBNext Ultra II DNA Library Prep Kit for:

  • Whole Genome Seq
  • Standard & Low Input Seq
  • ChIP-seq, NICE-seq, Cut&Run-Seq
  • Exome Capture
  • Targeted Sequencing
  • FFPE samples
  • cfDNA…

NEBNext Ultra II Brochure

Download here!


Selected applications utilizing the NEBNext Ultra II Workflow (or modules):

NEBNext ARTIC SARS-CoV-2 FS Library Prep Workflow:


Technical Application Notes & Posters:

Next generation DNA library construction (LC) for high-­throughput genomics


Improved library preparation with the NEBNext Ultra II DNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina


A Large Genome Centre Core Pipeline Refresh


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