Next Generation Sequencing

10 years of NEBnext Innovation!

For 10 years, NEB has helped advance next generation sequencing (NGS) by streamlining sample prep workflows, minimizing inputs, and improving library yield and quality.

As sequencing technologies improve and applications expand, the need for compatibility with ever-decreasing input amounts and sub-optimal sample quality grows. Scientists must balance reliability and performance with faster turnaround, higher throughput and automation compatibility. Our NEBNext portfolio addresses these challenges and includes solutions
for DNA and RNA sample prep from a wide range of
sample types. 

Reaching far beyond standard library prep, NEBNext reagents continue to innovate with:

NEBNext products continue to set the bar for quality and flexibility. All reagents are extensively QC’d at the individual component and kit levels, while product formats are designed for workflow customization. From individual kits to bulk and custom configurations, we’ve got you covered.

If you still aren’t convinced, why not see for yourself? NEBNext reagents have been cited in over 5,000 peer-reviewed publications to date.

As we celebrate 10 years of NEBNext, we would like to thank you for making NEBNext part of your workflows, and we are excited to continue to exceed your expectations for NGS sample prep innovation.


NEBNext® for Illumina
NGS Sample Preparation

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