NEBNext Illumina

NEBNext Kits for Illumina

The NEBNext suite of products supports Illumina sequencing with library preparation tools that streamline workflows, minimize inputs, and improve library yields and diversity. NEBNext library preparation kits are available for DNA, ChIP DNA, RNA and small RNA samples. In addition to the extensive QCs on individual kit components, all NEBNext kits for Illumina are functionally validated by preparation of a library, followed by Illumina sequencing. NEBNext library preparation reagents are available in multiple kit and workflow formats, for maximum convenience and flexibility.

Through the page navigation you go to the most important NEBNext for Illumina product groups with detailed technical information, explanations, videos and more. The complete list of all available NEBNext products can be found in our Online Shop.

The NEBNext Advantage:

  • Broad range of input amounts, from low ng to μg
  • Fast workflows with minimal hands-on-time
  • Gel-free workflows
  • High yields
  • High library diversity
  • Minimized GC bias
  • Convenient formats include kits and modules
  • All reagents undergo stringent quality controls, plus sequencing validation
  • Value pricing

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