Exo-CIP Rapid PCR Cleanup Kit for PCR Purification

Fast and convenient PCR Cleanup

The Exo-CIP Rapid PCR Cleanup Kit is the ideal solution for convenient PCR purification.

The Exo-CIP PCR purification kit contains optimized formulations of two enzymes. The thermolabile Exonuclease I digests excess primers while the thermolabile CIP (Calf Intestinal Phosphatase) dephosphorylates excess dNTPs. Both enzymes can be heat-inactivated in a minute, no further purification of the PCR products is required.

  • Rapidly degrade residual PCR primers and dephosphorylate excess dNTPs after amplification
  • Reaction complete in 4 minutes
  • Thermolabile formulation can be heat inactivated in 1 minute at 80°C
  • PCR product can be used directly in downstream applications
  • Compatible with commonly-used reaction buffers

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Quick and easy PCR Purification with the Exo-CIP Rapid PCR Cleanup Kit

The enzymes are added to the PCR reaction and incubated at 37°C for 4 minutes.

The temperature is then raised to 80°C and the enzymes are completely inactivated within one minute.

The purified PCR product is available for the following applications.

The Exo-CIP Rapid PCR Cleanup Kit is compatible with all common PCR buffers.

Exo-CIP Rapid PCR Cleanup Kit enables consistent read lengths for amplicons of varying length

PCR products of varying lengths were treated with Exo-CIP Rapid PCR Cleanup Kit or ExoSAP-IT PCR Cleanup Reagent following manufacturer-recommended protocols (5 min vs. 30 min). 3 µl of treated samples was used as input for Sanger sequencing on an ABI 3730 DNA Analyzer using BigDye Terminator chemistry (v3.1). Samples treated with Exo-CIP Rapid PCR Cleanup Kit yielded read lengths over 650 bases, matching samples treated with ExoSAP-IT PCR Cleanup Reagent.

Comparison of sequencing results with Exo-CIP Rapid PCR Cleanup Kit

A 1.5 kb amplicon treated with Exo-CIP Rapid PCR Cleanup Kit prior to sequencing eliminates miscalls and lowers background interference compared to untreated samples. The sequencing results were examined at different locations from the primer binding site. Results seen with Exo-CIP Rapid PCR Cleanup Kit are comparable to ExoSAP-IT PCR Cleanup Reagent.

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As of: 01.01.2024

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